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How do AMSOIL Bypass Filters work?

AMSOIL has developed the finest oil filtration system in the World! Think about this for a minute.... "Detroit" tells us that the dirt that does the most harm and causes the most wear in an engine is from 5 microns up to 20 microns in size (a human hair is about 100 microns). If you could remove this dirt from your oil system, you should be able to virtually eliminate wear. While the majority of full flow filters on the market only remove particles as small as 20 to 40 microns, AMSOIL makes By-Pass Oil Filters to fit almost any car or small truck which will remove dirt particles as small as 1/10th of a micron! The AMSOIL By-Pass oil filter to use in most applications is the Dual Remote By-Pass Oil Filter System.

AMSOIL Dual Remote By-pass Oil Filter.

The dual remote by-pass oil filter system utilizes an "adapter" that mounts where your normal "spin-on" oil filter mounts. Then a "bracket" holds your "normal spin-on" oil filter (the white filter in the picture) on one side and your "By-Pass Oil Filter" (the black filter in the picture) on the other side. This makes it much easier to access your oil filter for each change.

Mounting of AMSOIL By-Pass Oil FilterYour "kit" is then mounted in or around the engine compartment in the most convenient area. In many cases there is not enough room to mount it in the engine compartment, so you can mount it in a "wheel well" or in front of the radiator. Usually, some place can be found to place the By-Pass Oil Filter Kit. As an example, on some vans we mount them on the frame just under the driver's seat. If you have trouble finding a place to mount your By-Pass kit, you can call AMSOIL technical support or contact us directly.

AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filtration SystemAll of your oil passes through the conventional filter and then a very small percent of the oil is "bled off" and passed through your "By-Pass Oil Filter". (Previous model By-Pass illustrated above) - (It works on the idea of a swimming pool filter... filters a small amount of the oil at any one time, however, in five minutes, at 45 MPH, ALL of the oil will have gone through the By-Pass Oil Filter. It is just like you're getting a fresh oil change every five minutes of Driving!).

So What's the Difference?

If you use a "conventional oil filter" which can only remove dirt particles as small as 20 microns (approximately), you can be assured that you have "20 micron clearances in your bearings"! If you just use the AMSOIL Spin On Filter that filters out particles as small as 5 microns, it is then possible to have only "5 micron clearances" in those bearings. If you use the AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter System which can remove particles as small as 1/10 of a micron, you will continue to have tighter clearances AND longer engine life! The AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter system is designed to keep your oil analytically clean at all times and to make your expensive engine last far longer than with any other filtration system!

Where Can I Use It?

AMSOIL Dual Remote By-Pass Oil Filter SystemAMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter systems are designed to fit all types of systems needing oil filtration. Even very large capacity oil sumps can be filtered by the AMSOIL Dual By-Pass Filter System. AMSOIL Dual Remote By-Pass Oil Filter Systems in actual applications have been able to extend large over-the-road truck oil change intervals to as much as 200,000 mile or more! In fact, Norman Stanick of Midland, Michigan traveled ONE MILLION MILES ON 4 OIL CHANGES using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil and a By-Pass Oil Filter and Haywood Grey went 400,000 miles with NO OIL CHANGES

In farm applications where extreme dirt is a natural part of life, AMSOIL Dual Remote Systems can really extend the life of your expensive Farm Engines. If your equipment sits idle for long periods of time it is important to realize that the AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter System is designed to REMOVE WATER FROM THE OIL, thereby preventing rust build-up in your unused equipment.

One farmer in particular who really knows the benefits of using AMSOIL is Francis Ormiston. This guy drove a 1969 Chevy 1/2 ton over 500,000 miles using an AMSOIL bypass system and AMSOIL synthetic oil. Then he put the engine into a newer truck and kept on driving. Read more about it here.

Key Benefits to You:

Compatible Applications:

Recommendations for Use:

AMSOIL bypass oil filtration systems are wonderful. Combined with AMSOIL synthetic oil, there is simply no better protection available for your vehicle. Of course, the convenience of eliminating messy and time consuming oil changes is also a big benefit.

However, there are some people for whom the bypass system probably is not going to be the best choice. For instance, if you only intend on keeping your vehicle for a few years, the bypass system isn't going to do you any good. Any new vehicle will perform well for 3 to 5 years unless it is very poorly maintained.

Moreover, if you still plan on changing your oil every 3 to 10,000 miles, a bypass system will be a very costly up-front expenditure that you won't be getting the full benefit from. You'll be getting better engine protection, but you won't be saving any time and/or money on oil changes. So, unless you plan on owning your vehicle over 3 to 5 years (which is the point at which you begin to reap the benefits of increased engine protection), a bypass might not be a good choice for you.

One last instance when a bypass might not be a good choice is if you don't have anywhere to mount it. On some new vehicles, especially compacts and small sedans, there is little room available for mounting such an apparatus. For the dual remote system (the one that's most convenient to install and maintain), you'll need a space about 9" tall x 10" wide x 6" deep.

Although you can pretty much mount a bypass system wherever you want, typical locations are: on the firewall, between the radiator and the grill, IN the wheel well (as long as there is plenty of wheel clearance), under the vehicle on the frame, ...). If none of these locations work for you, you still have other options. On a gas powered engine, you can mount the system up to 10 feet from the original filter location. So, technically, you could put it in your trunk if you want. It simply takes some extra work. You'll have to decide if you believe it is worth it.

The rest of you (that includes high mileage drivers, those who would like to extend oil drains, those who intend on keeping their vehicle till it dies and those who simply want the best protection no matter what) will be well served by the addition of a bypass system. I highly recommend it.

The following is a good maintenance schedule to follow using the bypass system and AMSOIL synthetic oil. Once the unit and the oil has been installed on a gas engine, change the full flow filter every 12,500 miles or six months and top off with oil. Then, at 1 year or 25,000 miles, change the full flow filter again, change the bypass filter for the first time, do an oil analysis and then top off the system with oil.

The oil will likely come back good for at least 50,000 to 75,000 miles. Most people see 100,000 miles or more on the same oil, especially if their using an AMSOIL air filter as well.

To get the most for your money, I recommend the following for filter choices. The bypass mount will take a number of different AMSOIL filters. I recommend the SDF-15 full flow filter as it's the largest you can get for a good price (about $10.50). The next step up is almost 2" longer, but it costs about $8.00 more. I don't think it's worth it.

Three different bypass filters will fit on the bypass mount (only difference is size). The BE-90 is a 6 inch filter. The BE-100 adds 2" to the length and costs only $3.00 more. A BE-110 is 2" longer still for another $3.00. In this case, I believe the price is justified and you should get the largest filter you can fit.

I mentioned earlier that you need a height of 9" to fit the bypass system on your vehicle. That is with the BE-90 filter. Add 2" for the BE-100 and another 2" (for a total of 13" clearance) for the BE-110.

Approximate Pricing:

Although pricing may fluctuate and you may find a lower price listed in our online shopping area, you can expect to pay just over $200.00 retail for the BMK-13 dual remote system for gas engines. That comes with most of what you need besides filters and a petcock valve for oil sampling.

A petcock valve can be purchased for about $8.50. A bypass filter will run you anywhere from $27.00 for the BE-90 to $33.00 for the BE-100. The full flow filter will run about $10.50.

The Best Just Got Better

New Bypass Mounting HardwareThe question to ask about the new AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filtration Systems is not, "What's new?" It's "What's NOT new?" Bypass Filter BaseThe filter element is not new, AMSOIL filter elements are, and always have been, the best available. Everything else is bigger, beefier, and better than ever. The new by-pass systems are the product of computer technology and heavy dealer input. And they've been subjected to millions of miles of field testing in passenger cars and heavy duty equipment.

Hardware Changes

Mount: The high-pressure diecast aluminum mount has been replaced by an anodized mount machined from solid aluminum billet, using computer-aided machining. The new mount offers:

Attaching points: The original bolts and washers have been replaced by large diameter bolts for greater strength and large diameter fender washers, which spread the load over more surface area and provide a more positive attachment to the application.

Hose: The new hose features three times the reinforcement of the hose it replaces and an abrasion resistant cover. The new hose offers:

Hose fittings: Hose clamps have been replaced by reusable swivel hose end fittings with JIC taper. The new hose fittings offer outstanding security. The pressure required to separate the hose from its fitting is greater than the hose burst pressure. The new fittings also have four times the hose contact surface of the old fittings. Swivel fittings eliminate hose twisting during installation for reduced hose stress JIC taper increases positive lock for greater leakage resistance and strength.

For more information regarding which bypass system to choose and how to install it, see our "Bypass Installation Instructions".

If you are interested in ordering a bypass system but are unsure of exactly what you need, please email or call us at 877-689-4719 for details.

Filter Change Recommendations

(BMK-11) Spin-On By-Pass Kit    Order Today!

AMSOIL Bypass FilterOne bypass filter element (the BE-90) is mounted remotely with your mounting kit and hardware. There is a line running out of the bypass system to your oil pan and a line running into the system from your oil sending unit. Any size filter element can be used (BE-90, BE-100, BE-110), so the bypass filter element is not included. An AMSOIL full flow filter is also needed for mounting where your current filter is mounted.

*The BMK-11 kit includes your filter mount and 8 feet of hose and mounting hardware. Filter elements are sold separately.

(BMK-12) Dual-Gard By-Pass Kit    Order Today!

Dual Gard Remote Bypass Oil Filtration SystemThe Dual-Gard is designed for applications with sump capacities over 14 quarts and requires two by-pass filter elements. An AMSOIL full flow filter is still necessary for mounting at standard location.

The BMK-12 mount does not include hoses, mounting hardware or filter elements. They must be purchased separately.

(BMK-13) Dual Remote Filtration Kit    Order Today!

Dual Remote Bypass Filtration SystemDesigned to facilitate mounting both the by-pass filter element and the full flow filter element in one remote location. An adapter is used at the standard full flow mounting point. AMSOIL recommends using the largest filters that will fit (see bottom of page) for your particular mounting location. No filter elements are included, but all mounting hardware and hoses are included.

(BMK-15) Dual Remote System    Order Today!
(Cummins Diesel Pickups - Primarily Dodge)

Dual Remote Bypass Filtration SystemSame as BMK-13 above but with special adapter for Cummins engine.

(BMK-16) Dual Remote System    Order Today!
(International Diesel Pickups - Primarily Ford)

Dual Remote Bypass Filtration SystemSame as BMK-15 above but with special adapter for International engine.

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How Much Room is Needed for Mounting?

Diagram of Bypass SystemYou will need a certain amount of space in which to mount your bypass system depending upon which unit you purchase and which filter elements you use. The table below is a rough estimate (figuring high) for the amount of room needed for each combination. Use the table information in combination with the diagram at left (diagram is of a dual remote system). The dimensions listed below are "width x depth x length".

Mount TypeBE-90BE-100BE-110
BMK-114" x 6" x 9"4" x 6" x 12"4" x 6" x 14"
10" x 6" x 9"10" x 6" x 12"10" x 6" x 14"